Nyonya Cuisine

“Nyonya cuisine is one of the earliest example of fusion food evolved 400 years ago in Malaysia.”

  • Nyonya cuisine are often aromatic, tangy, flavourful, spicy and with fragrant herbs.
  • The Baba-Nyonya also learnt to eat with hands, like their Malay counterpart.
  • Most nyonyas acquired the art of cooking through their mother and grandmother at a tender age. It is very much an art that is passed down from generations to generations for over 400 years.
  • The Nyonyas have created localised Chinese cooking which has displayed their love for hot and spicy food. They have integrated the local spices, coconut cream, local herbs, vegetables and chillies in their daily cooking yet maintaining the use of sauces and some ingredients imported from China. Some food in the Nyonya menu were influenced from the Indian traders.
  • Nyonya food in Penang is very diverse. This is due to its location of being close to the Thailand border. Settlers from Thailand brought over hot and sour food which has influenced the ‘kerabu’ dishes.

Nyonya food is packed full of flavour.

Typical Ingredients used in Nyonya Cuisine recipes:


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