This Blog has been migrated!

Dear readers and my fellow followers,

If you realised that I have not been posting very often lately, there is a reason. I have been busy trying to migrate this blog over to a different platform where I have more flexibility to create a more intuitive website for you. I am glad to announce that it has been successfully migrated and I will no longer be posting on WordPress in future. Although there are still minor tweaks to be done, the overall website, I believe is well presented at the moment. I hope you like the new blog!

Please follow me to receive any future updates via:

To still receive updates on Wordpres:

For those of you who follow me via WordPress, please re-follow my blog with 4 simple steps so you can still see my updates on your WordPress reader.

Step 1: Go to your reader page as shown in image below.
Step 2: On the right column where you see ‘Blogs I Follow’, click on the ‘EDIT’ button.


Step 3: Enter my blog URL ( ) in the box.
Step 4: Click Follow. You will now be able to see my new posts on your WordPress reader 🙂

Screen 2

This is my New Blog!

Please check out my new blog on . There is also my latest post about Jericho Tavern, the pub in Oxford where Radiohead had their first gig. Enjoy.

The trishaw



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