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A brief night exploration at Palolem, Goa

Palolem beach is just next to Patnem so we thought we should have a brief visit. It only costed us 60 rupees per ride on the auto rickshaw which was divided by three of us which means we only paid 20 rupees each (about 1/4 of a sterling pound)!! Just remember that the price doubles up late at night. Like the local rickshawman said, “We are the night riders. The day riders have gone home to sleep.”

Auto rickshaw trip | The TrishawAuto rickshaw ride to Palolem

As we arrived at Palolem after a short ride on the rickshaw, we noticed how different it was from Patnem. It was busier, with more people and more shops. One of our friend whom we accidentally bumped into on Patnem beach, told us that Palolem used to be as quiet as Patnem beach. Not anymore, it seems. It was busy and vibrant.

Ciarans Palolem | The TrishawEntrance to Ciarans, a restaurant and beach hut. This place looked beautiful, it even had a common open air library space.

Ciarans Exterior Palolem | The TrishawThe exterior of Ciarans restaurant, which attracted us to have our dinner there in the first place. It has a stunning view and ambience from the top.

Fish Curry | The TrishawThe food was delicious too. This was the fish curry with grilled fish, rice, papadom and salad. M had the chicken curry with rice and naan which he absolutely enjoyed.

Magic Tree Palolem | The TrishawAs we walked along the beach until the end, we found Magic Tree tucked in the corner, almost hidden. It is a beach accommodation with a cafe. The name itself sounds like fun. We sat on those two seats and had our cold lassi with a nice view of the sea and sound of peaceful nothing. Pretty serene.


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