Goa / Restaurants Reviews

Chili’s Grill & Bar (Patnem, Goa)

This was our most frequented restaurant bar throughout our stay in Patnem. We loved the seating and service here. Too bad they did not have wi-fi otherwise we will be here most of the time. 

Chilis Grill & Bar Interior | The TrishawThe awesome comfy seats to chill out. Of course, they have normal tables and chairs too.

Cocktails at Chilis | The TrishawHappy hour cocktails cost us £2 for 2! I got tipsy before sunset. Wink 😀

Kingfish at Chilis | The Trishaw

We were recommended the masala grilled kingfish, served with salad and chips. Obviously we weren’t told it’ll be a giant fish!! It was so fresh and delicious, I had to scour the remains of the head too. M looked at me weird, eating off the fish head but it’s really normal in Asia. Well, I usually have to fight for the fish head with dad when I’m home. Not when I’m with M of course. Hah!!
Kingfish head | The Trishaw

Is this scaring you? Kingfish with Piranha-like teeth!

Patnem sunset | The Trishaw

We were sat chilling out, drinking cocktails and watching the sunset. What a bliss. What more anyone could ask for.

Chilis Grill & Bar Entrance| The Trishaw

This is what Chilli’s entrance look like at night. Everything is transformed into a romantic affair, lights and candles everywhere.

Chilis Grill & Bar Beach | The Trishaw

Fish | The TrishawShark and barracuda waiting to be grilled.

Grilled Prawns | The TrishawOur freshly grilled prawns on the BBQ. Yum.


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