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Saffron Bay Terrace Bar watching sunset

Sunset at Chowpatty | The Trishaw

View from The Terrace Bar at Saffron Bay – sunset at Chowpatty Beach

Having spent the whole day sightseeing the south of Mumbai and missed lunch, we were so hungry we could eat the sun. To make matters worse, our cab driver was taking us to the wrong place, thinking it was Juhu Chowpatty instead of the original Chowpatty Beach. It must be the language barrier but we got there in the end. The guys from the other cab was already chilling out on the beach, waiting for us. We asked some people for a restaurant where we can have early dinner and finally found Saffron Bay.

Sipping cold beer and cold drinks on a terrace bar during sunset was a great way to end the exhausting day of walking.

Chicken bhingri was tender and tasty although slightly salty. It was chunks of chicken leg meat marinated in yogurt, crushed pepper, chilly and lemongrass served on bamboo skewers. The chicken lal mas was cooked in red chilly, tomato and onion gravy, served with reshmi paratha. There was more food than this but it was too much, it will exhaust this post so to keep it short, lovely ambience for good food although can be on the pricier side. In such a great setting, paying a little extra was totally fine.

Saffron Bay

The Terrace Bar
Plot No 39B,
Chowpatty Seaface,
Charni Road,
Mumbai-400 004, India.

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