Hottest day of the year in UK

UK is known for its unpredictable weather. So when the temperature soars above 30C, everyone was out of the house. For the rare few who stayed in, this was what you missed. The sizzling hot sun, warm breeze, topless men, girls in skimpy shorts and sexy sundresses, cold wine, and lots of food in the park with the company of great mates. Regent’s Park was the place to be, one of my favourite London parks.

Mama duck and her little ducklings

We picked the perfect spot by the river surrounded by trees and birds, and laid out the white and yellow striped mat on the grass, trying to avoid trail of the duck poop. The rest of the day was a bliss with food, drinks and laughters.

Kaya bread as promised


Salmon pate from M&S

N’s yummy homemade blueberry muffins…

… with a twist – muffin top with kaya

 We even tried topping cherries with kaya. It’s quite a good combination 🙂

Sun tanning

The boys were entertaining us while we were packing up


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